Toys from Trash STEM Challenge

Toys from Trash STEM Challenge

   Students at JC Lynch Elementary were posed with this STEM Challenge:  Christmas has come and gone! You’re probably already thinking about what you’d like for next Christmas. Here’s your chance to be an engineer. Create a toy that someone your age would enjoy playing with made entirely from junk around your house. Requirements:  1. Toys must be safe.  2. Toys must be made from items considered junk.  3.  Toys must come with directions on how to use/play with it. Toys were turned in on Thursday, January 25th. A panel of 8 judges chose winners from the following categories: 4k/5k, 1st/2nd, and 3rd-5th. The following winners were awarded at our 2nd 9 weeks Awards Ceremony on Friday, January 26th:


Most Creative: Daniel Byrd

Best Design: Ethan Sims

Most Appealing: Madyson Eaddy


Most Creative: Daniel Boyington

Best Design: Levi Hayes

Most Appealing: Christian Rosales


Most Creative: Rivers Crawford

Best Design: Rosa Linda Rosales

Most Appealing: John Goodman


Best Overall Winner: Roxanne Welch