Congratulations to our September Stem Challenge Winners:  (Tallest Towers)
4k-1st= Cup towers
              Tie between
              5k Kremer- 73 cubes high Blaze Bramlette, Shyanne Trucluck and Bayleigh Mixon
              1st Windham- 73 cubes high  Mady Eaddy, Natalie Bonilla Torres, Morgan Godwin, 
                                       Lydia Welch, Estevan Gomez
2nd-3rd- Spaghetti towers
                 2nd Sings- 22 inches tall  Cannlyn Matthews, Jorrell McClary, and Faith Ashburn
4th -6th- Balloon Tower
                   6th Schaller- Michael Casey, Kori Amerson, Johnathan Vause, Lauren Gates

Due to the overwhelming response of STEM Girl’s Club, I will have to split up the 42 girls who signed up. Girls will meet biweekly. Fifth grade had the largest number to sign up. Fourth and sixth had smaller numbers. So here is the schedule for STEM Girls from October to January.  I will send another schedule from February to May at a later time. 

                                                                           Mrs. Rosales





4- 5th grade

1-5th grade

6-5th grade

10- 5th grade

11- 4th & 6th grades

8-4th & 6th grades

13-4th & 6th grades

17-4th & 6th grades

18- 5th grade

15-5th grade


24-5th grade

25- 4th & 6th grades

29- 4th & 6th grades


31-4th & 6th grades