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Welcome to Our Library!

Students will visit once a week for a 50 minute period.

Library books will be checked out at this time.

Please remember to bring your books back on your Library Day so you can check out new ones!

Monday:  Richardson, Haselden, Frazier

Tuesday:  Ruszkowski

Wednesday:  Williams, Dutt, Melton, DeMarte, Helmer

Thursday:  Poston, Amos, Golden, Smith

Friday:  Ward, Sings, Windham, Ham


Reading Counts

Reading Counts is a Lexile-based reading program.  Students read a book on their level (determined by MAPS scores and the Scholastic Reading Inventory) and then log in to Reading Counts to take a comprehension quiz on that book.  As students pass the tests their lexile level increases.  Students are awarded points for the quizzes they pass and awards will be given for these points at the end of each month.  The purpose of the Reading Counts program is to help children select books that are a comfortable reading level for them and to track their reading progress and growth.  Students can take the quizzes on most computers in the school.

March Units of Study:

4th & 5th grades will complete a commercial entitled "Buy This Book," to demonstrate what they've learned in our Media Literacy Unit.

2nd & 3rd grades will explore the Fantastic World of Folk Tales!

K & 1st will enjoy alphabet books, St. Patrick's Day stories, and more.

February Units of Study:

Grades 4 & 5  Historical Fiction, Biographies, Analyzing Characters

Grades 2 & 3  Making Predictions, Drawing Conclusions, Analyzing Characters

Grades K & 1  Illustrations, Holidays, Biographies

January Units of Study:

Grades  3-5  Social Studies Research & Presentations, DISCUS

Grade 4 STEM activities and research

Grades K & 1  Characters and Non-fiction Text Features, Identifying Details

December Units of Study:

K/1st-comparing and contrasting familiar texts, sequence, cause & effect

2nd /3rd-Hour of Code, Destiny

4th/5th-Hour of Code, Destiny


November Units of Study:

4K, 5K, 1st, 2nd:  Farms, Cause & Effect, Nutrition, Fiction & Nonfiction and Puppets

3rd, 4th & 5th:  Folk Art, Biographies, and the Dewey Decimal System



OCTOBER Units of Study:

4K, 5K, 1st:  Fall, Authors & Illustrators, Fiction & Nonfiction, Life Cycles

2nd & 3rd:  Latin Squares, Book Care Board Games, Dia de los Muertos

4th & 5th:  Bats, Candy Corn STEM, Recording stories on Book Creator






pizza hutPizza Hut Reading Program

Students are participating in the Pizza Hut Book It!  Reading Program this year at JC Lynch. Students who meet their monthly reading goals set by their homeroom or reading teachers will receive a free certificate for a small luncheon pizza from Pizza Hut!

Students have the opportunity to earn one certificate each month from October – March.